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Here is Bear, our gorgeous Alaskan Malamute with all his Dogtastic friends.
This is Bears 4th year with Dogtastic and what an incredible 4 years they have been.
Dogtastic came to me via a recommendation when I had been looking for daycare for Bear. Right from the start I was impressed by the Dogtastic ethos and am happy to say that the Dogtastic team strive to put that into practice every single day and 100% succeed!
Bear attends 5 days per week. He excitedly waits at the door to be picked up. I love to see the daily videos and photos on Instagram, such a treat to see all these beautiful dogs having fun! On his return home we receive a brief update about his day, but just looking at him you can just tell he has had so much fun!
Since being at Dogtastic we have seen a remarkable difference in Bear. He is calmer, so much better around other dogs and markedly fitter. On a recent trip to the Vet, we were congratulated on Bears great physical health and temperament. The Vet’s feedback is testament to Bear’s attendance at Dogtastic!
If you are looking for daycare that you can trust to care and nurture your dog, you honestly won’t get better than Dogtastic!

Juli, Bears human x

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Bailey clearly loves going to Dogtastic. She happily runs out the door with a wagging tail, and it’s great for her to both exercise and socialise there. Personally, we always love that whoever picks her up arrives with a smile and lots of cuddles for Bailey…..who could not be happier to see them too. We could not be happier about the level of service and care that the whole Dogtastic team give Bailey.

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Millie & Rosie

Millie has been a regular at Dogtastic for 12 continuous years and they are very much part of her life. Rosie is in year 4! It is a home from home! Key for me is the staff really care and can manage any incidents that happen when you have dogs!

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Dylan LOVES Dogtastic Playcare!
Three days a week when the doorbell rings at 9AM he is raring to go - a really good sign!
He is in the van and off with Sam for the day - I know he is in safe hands with her and the team.
Come the hot summer days, Dylan will be first in the paddling pool and last out!
Truly a happy labrador in his element!



My beloved whippet Stella has been coming to Dogtastic Daycare for the last 6 years, since she was a puppy. I initially just needed somewhere for her to go while I was overwhelmed
with work but what I ended up with was a second home for her, filled with people who love her. This allows me to commit to work trips a week at a time and know that ‘boarding’ her means she is staying with her other family. The fact that the wonderful Dogtastic
team have keys to my house and can collect her and drop her off when I am on zoom calls is a complete godsend. I can’t recommend Dogtastic highly enough. They are reliable, caring, fun and are a core part of my and my dogs life. Thank you!

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Bella has been attending Dogtastic since she was a puppy (now 3 years old) and absolutely loves it.
She waits each morning for the van and greets the dogtastic team with enthusiasm every day . She always comes home a very happy and tired dog from all of the activity.

The team are very friendly and supportive, I honestly feel like they are her second family as she is so comfortable and happy there.
It’s also lovely to know that when she stays overnight she is enjoying her stay.

Dogtastic take wonderful care of Bella and I cannot recommend them highly enough

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Loki & Freya

We can’t think of a better place for our Longhaired miniature dachshunds, Loki and Freya than Dogtastic. For them to be part of a pack, to run freely around and to go on great walks and most of all to be taken care of by the most fantastic team of professional people with big hearts, patience and a good sense of humour. The dogs are so happy seeing the carers picking them up in the mornings and we get them clean and happy home in the end of the day.
We highly recommend Dogtastic!
Our dogs have got a second family and so have we.

Maria and Jonathan Snell

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Max has been going to Dogtastic for more than two years now. The team are fantastic. I think Max views the team as his extended family and he’s always so happy to see them. I feel very lucky to have the Dogtastic team’s support as part of his care.

I know he’s so well looked after when he’s at Dogtastic. I can see that the dogs respect the team and they will step in if the play gets rough. I take a lot of reassurance from that. Lyn and the team are definitely in charge

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We can’t thank Dogtastic enough for how well they look after our young Spaniel Archie. He’s spent 2 days a week with Lyn and the team for the last 18 months and he absolutely loves it. All the staff are super lovely and clearly love the dogs, and the pickup and drop off makes it so convenient for us too. Dogtastic has played an important role in helping to socialise Archie, which means he’s really good around other dogs. We’ve also boarded him a few times when we’ve been away on holiday and he always has a great time. We’re lucky to have found Dogtastic – not sure what we would do without them.

Ian, Amanda, Daniel and Archie