Services & Facilities

When establishing Dogtastic,  Lyn wanted to ensure she could provide a full service to her clients and be able to provide ‘value for money’.

Lyn looked at various issues where she felt Dogtastic could make a real difference to her clients, not only offering a fantastic day for their dogs but also their puppies, their dogs recovering from operations, arthritic dogs whose needs also need to be addressed properly and so on

Therefore she created the Goldie Oldie Dog and Recovery  dogs room also a separate puppy crèche 

Goldie Oldies

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to offer you a unique facility, which provides daycare for older dogs.

As we grow older, our needs change, so does your dogs'. An older dog deserves much respect, additional care and company for quality of life. Sore joints, slower gait, need for more sleep... we want to support this precious generation. Our Goldie Oldies room is a cosy space with heat lamps and comfy dog beds,  accessible grass for toilet , toys and company. These all go towards our respect and care for our most loved and respected survivors, we love our old dogs and recognize all they have given us and want to give it back. 

Recovery Room

We offer an injury recovery room where your dog can relax and be looked after whilst recovering from an injury or operation, something as basic as a cut paw can be a nightmare for an owner to cope with, when total rest is required but you also don’t want your dog to be left alone all day. With constant supervison and warm surroundings we can help . 

The Puppy Crèche

While loving those looking to the end of their years, we also want to help the next generation become enthusiastic, sociable, fun dogs. 

Our puppy crèche is separate from the other areas of the Centre with its own outdoor play area. Here puppies of all shapes and sizes get to learn from each other through playing together indoors and outside. Although the grown-ups are not allowed in the puppy crèche, we do feel it is important that they get to meet. Adult dogs teach manners better than any human!

Then, when all the fun is a bit much, the puppies can come inside to our quiet sleepy room for the occasional puppy nap.

Our Paddocks

Dogtastic has plenty of outdoor space

All our dogs can bound, bounce and play in our large paddocks where we have agility toys, swimming pools and slides to climb or nap on.


We do not claim to train!

We are not a training centre.

Dogtastic is the best place in Edinburgh and the Lothians for socialisation, fun and care.

One of the major benefits of daycare is that very often our dogs become better behaved, and their manners improve. Owners often find a marked improvement in their pet’s behaviour, such as better at recall.

We believe that the best teachers of dogs are other dogs, the hierarchy of the pack always impresses us, and although we don’t allow bullying, we will let dogs sort themselves out however will intervene immediately should one think themselves that wee bit more important than the other.

Our experience allows us to assess and identify problems, be they behavioural or health issues 

However, we don’t and won’t claim to be experts in the fields of veterinary medicine or behavioural science.

There are properly qualified professionals who excel in these fields and deliver exceptional training and veterinary care. We have a list of approved behaviourists and trainers that we will recommend.

Our Centre vets are ICR BUTT in Loanhead. We have a long-established relationship with them and will recommend them without hesitation.