What is the Dogtastic Promise?

  • Deliver the highest quality care and attention to your dog.
  • Always pick-up and drop-off your dog at no extra cost.
  • Understand, nurture and care for your dog as one of our own.
  • We endeavour to deliver your dog home clean and dry.
  • Bathe and groom your dog in our Grooming Centre whenever you request.
  • Take your dog for a proper walk every day.
  • Vary the walks, to enhance your dog’s experience with us.
  • Give your dog a health check at the end of each week.

What are the Dogtastic Requirements?

  • In order to join the Dogtastic family, your precious pooch will have to be thoroughly assessed. This could take from a day to a week depending on the character and behaviour of your dog.
  • Lyn is particular and we take our duty of care very seriously, this extends not only to our own pack but also to dogs yet to be part of our pack. If we feel your dog will not benefit from the environment we provide, we will not take it on, we will, however,  do all we can to advise you and hopefully put you in the right direction for maximum benefit of both you and your dog. Not all dogs enjoy being too ‘socialised’.
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough vaccination.

Is there a pick up service?

Your dog will be picked up and dropped off at no extra cost as part of our service.

We will only accept dogs within a certain radius as we are vigilant about our dogs not spending too much time in our vehicles.

What are your terms and conditions?

Full terms and conditions will be discussed at the first initial meeting.

My dog needs regular medication, can you give it to him?

Yes, we are happy to, as long as you have been instructed by your vet and therefore able to pass on the relevant information and medication we are happy to administer medication.

Can my dog have its own bed and toys at the centre?

Yes it can, however, we would not encourage this or indeed take any responsibility for them. Dogs love other dogs beds and toys, we have some shredders of toys within the family so would not advise this.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is very straightforward, we charge £20 plus VAT per day per dog.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry full professional insurance which includes public liability, transportation of your dog, loss of keys and many more.

Can I leave food for my dog including treats?

Whilst we are happy to give your dog breakfast lunch or dinner, we cannot give each individual dog their own treats, we do have or own treats which we use to reward good behaviour and positive reinforcement training.

Can I visit and meet the team and see the centre before sending my dog?

We absolutely insist that you do. We are always delighted to meet potential new members and love showing off our facilities.